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Exploring the depths of the vagina


Both types are masked real explorers of modern times. They recovered a perfect prey for their experiments, a girl submitted and adventurous … They begin immediately by pressing against their desk and spread her thong to observe the contours of her vulva. Once it is time they break a first utensil in, just to check the reaction of the guy. As it reacts pretty well, these two lads are really put to work! They released an electrified dildo specially created to make women squirt like fountains alive. And with this submissive slut, sure enough! Within moments, her kitty expels liters of wet, like a spring that would lead! Done, both guys can finally introduce what they want (anything they want) in the gaping pussy bitch: their large fists, dildos, and even a sort of glass tube which widens a little over the walls of the subject. If we can ever make for sodomizing his table, the better!

Date: March 11, 2020

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